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Dissection and Staining
E_Staining_Uemura.pdf X-gal staining of embryos and imaginal discs, antibody staining of embryos (by UEMURA Tadashi)
E_Staining_ItoKei.pdf GFP, X-gal, fluorescent and DAB antibody staining of embryos, larvae, pupae and adult CNSs (by ITO Kei)
E_CNS_Dissection.pdf Preparation of dissection tools, How to dissect brains of pupae and adults (by ITO Kei)
E_Pupal_Injection.pdf Staging and BrdU microinjection of pupae (by ITO Kei)
E_DiI_Staining.pdf DiI microinjection and photoconversion (by ITO Kei)
Molecular Biology
E_Northern_blotting.pdf RNA electrophoresis and Northern blotting (by ITO Hiroki)
E_Southern_blotting.pdf RNA electrophoresis and Northern blotting (by ITO Hiroki)
E_Plasmid_preparation.pdf Miniprep (by ITO Hiroki)
E_Miniprep.pdf Miniprep (by ITO Kei)
E_Transformation.pdf E. coli transformation (by ITO Kei)
Text for Anatomy and Development
E_anatomical_terminology.pdf Name, definition and abbreviation of major brain regions (by ITO Kei)
Brain_Atlas.pdf Serial silver sections of the brain (frontal, horizontal and sagittal, total 9MB!) (by ITO Kei)
Color Blind
Please feel free to use these items for your classes and seminars. Please don't forget, however, to mention Masataka Okabe and Kei Ito for reference.
color_blind.pdf How to make figures and presentations that are friendly to color blind people(1.4MB)
color_blind.ppt as above PowerPoint file(7.8MB
Zen and the Art of the Internet classic text of the Internet in its infancy: 1992 Brendan P. Kehoe
Electronic Handling of Japanese Text Classic textbook of Japanese text processing on computers: 1992 Ken R. Lunde
King James Bible  
Latin Bible